Lighting Control Panels

Standard dawn-till-dusk lighting control panels adjustable to operator requirements or bespoke control panels built to you own specification.

Pump Control Panels

Single pump or dual pump duty / standby or assist control panels or bespoke pumping control panels built to your own specification.

Conveyors and Elevators

Fixed or variable speed control panels with or without automatic controls designed and built to your specifications.

Feeder controls

Automatic feeder control panels built to suit your livestock requirements.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarms are critical for ensuring the performance of your livestock and crops. Agri Control Ltd has standard or bespoke  alarm control panels to meet your requirements.

Heating and Ventilation

Agri Controls Ltd understands the critical importance of heating and ventilation for the welfare and productivity of your livestock.  Our system monitors external temperatures to ensure vents can be opened or heaters turned on to maintain consistent building temperatures. 


Micro Irrigation

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional grower the Agri Controls Ltd Micro Irrigation system is an ideal solution to automatic irrigation of you precious plants.

Bespoke Systems

Farmers and growers are natural inventers and engineers. Agri Control Ltd are constantly amazed at the innovations farmers come up with. We aim to bring your innovations to a successful working project on your farm with a bespoke control panel.